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Innovating With the Entrepreneurial Spirit: How Can We Do This Better?

Innovating With The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Innovating with the entrepreneurial spirit is taking ownership, seeing a problem, and finding a solution before anyone asks. It is a shared spirit at LMS and GEM which places us in a pivotal position at the dawn of the new year.

Business innovator and author David Chung refers to the entrepreneurial spirit as “a mindset that actively seeks change rather than waiting to adapt to change.” In his article, “Creating an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Team,” from his LinkedIn page (28,000 followers), Chung describes the spirit as embracing critical questioning, innovation, and continuous improvement. 

The LMS technology team is currently rolling out the latest generation of its xOpsTools application.

The new version includes an upgraded interface, graphics, enhanced performance, security, and adaptability. Flexibility is crucial for added challenges on short notice as our partners continue to elevate the guest experience.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

“Don’t start a business. Find a problem. Solve a problem. The business comes second”

Robert Herjavec, entrepreneur and television personality

Innovating With the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The xOpsTools app compensates for multiple vendors initially dispatched to improve guest experiences for a new smart wristband technology. Fast-forward four years, GEM is a wholly-owned subsidiary created because of that project. 

“We are different because of our people,” LMS President, Steve Cohen, affirms. “Being an entrepreneur versus being an army. This is the reason why we are successful. The market is looking for more entrepreneurial spirit, and we find ourselves in the place of opportunity to excel against the goliaths.”

The xOpsTools app operates with a small team of incident and project managers on-site in multiple locations worldwide. However, the base of operations is the xiC (Experience Innovation Center), a state-of-the-art network operations center. Meanwhile, another small team directs operations in support of the wristband technology used by thousands of guests simultaneously.

How Can We Do This Better?

“As a team, we find innovative methods of developing and utilizing technologies that have not been used before”

GEM DevOps Director Rajat Narula

How Can We Do This Better?

The rollout of our partner’s smart wristband included multiple organizations combining efforts to make it happen. Unfortunately, conflicting standards come to light across the brands, some owned by multinational businesses bound to other shareholders. Our Fortune 500 partner needs organizations working as a team, not as a league.

Meanwhile, GEM DevOps Director Rajat Narula sees the problem and spearheads the development of a solution. In a short time, he becomes the driving force behind xOpsTools. As a result, incidents are reduced,  improving the application’s performance and supporting the worldwide guest experience.

Operations are now solely monitored and maintained by the GEM team, 24/7, ensuring that superior experiences are delivered worldwide. Henceforth, if technical incidents occur, they are addressed in real-time.

In closing, Chung adds another interpretation of the entrepreneurial spirit: “It’s about taking ownership and pride in your organization.”