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There Is Nothing Artificial About Our Intelligence

Nothing Artificial About Our Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a role in the operation of GEM’s xOpsTools app, but there’s nothing artificial about our intelligence. AIOps is among the labels included in XOPs, at the top of the stack. But providing a reliable, repeatable, and secure experience is the objective, and real intelligence makes it happen. 

The xOpsTools app is all about flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, developed for partners specializing in the guest experience. Its capabilities arise from years of experience with data analytics and understanding who our partners’ customers are as real people.

taking the a out of ai

xOpsTools: Taking the A out of AI

Tech research and consulting firm Gartner offers its description of AIOps. “Big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination.”

AI and ML (machine learning) are frequently used interchangeably in automating processes that aid IT teams in meeting demands. GEM and LMS rely on customized CRM technologies to run our network operations centers (NOC). Each, however, relies on entirely different parameters for different industries.

LMS established the GEM brand, and our DevOps Engineer, Rajat Narula, created xOpsTools to improve guest experiences on a global scale. We monitor operations with techs working 24/7/365 in real-time, but the platforms that combine to form xOpsTools incorporate AI and ML.

The result is resolving digital-service issues before guests ever know.

Rajat explains.

“The intelligence of xOpsTools lies in the fact that this tool is designed to be proactive as well as reactive in many ways. Identifying events that can possibly impact guest experience in the near future, alerting the support teams of the event, and then automatically taking the appropriate remediation action are a few of the intelligent actions that xOpsTools performs.”

Who Is Intelligent

What’s Artificial? Who Is Intelligent?

The term “Artificial Intelligence” is always up for debate about who or what is intelligent. In his article AI Trends In 2022: What’s Real And What’s Hype? Hear From The Experts, Forbes contributor Ganes Kesari asks experts for input. Elwin Loomis, Head of Digital of Bremer Bank, offers the following statement.

“Our current artificial intelligence is not really intelligent. Most of the work today involves people running huge datasets to create complex statistical systems. This is very valuable, but the intelligence is ours. We are grouping a lot of non-intelligence work into the term AI, and the title of data scientist is becoming too generalized. This creates a false narrative and underestimates the work needed to materialize the ‘real’ AI.”

Rajat puts it in perspective.

“My take on AI within xOpsTools is not for the tool itself to be simply “Artificially” intelligent, but to apply and act on the human intelligence that drives our smooth and efficient operation.”

Intelligently Flexible and Adaptable

GEM and LMS CRM technologies stem from the specific needs of our partners. Each requires different levels of expertise for unique end users. However, our new generation of xOpsTools incorporates added flexibility. Adapting to large-scale enterprises can be accomplished in weeks instead of months. 

It is an exciting time for the LMS and GEM brands. Testing is a constant, and team members are expanding their roles and creating new ones to adapt. If we must call it artificial intelligence, that’s okay. The guest that doesn’t know it’s there is all that matters.

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