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XOps Economizes Technology For a Reliable, Repeatable, and Secure Experience

XOps Economizes Technology

In a World of Big Experiences, Failure Is Not An Option

In a confounding list of acronyms, XOps has arrived in the lexicon of IT disciplines. It incorporates AIOps, DataOps, and MLOps, to name just a few. In a world of big experiences, failure is not an option. XOps economizes technology for a reliable, repeatable, and secure experience. 

Explaining XOps in one sentence is a challenge. Gartner technology research and consulting firm describes it as follows: “Enabling organizations to operationalize data and analytics to drive business value.” 

DevOps technology

XOps Economizes Technology

Gartner named XOps to its Top Ten Data and Analytics Trends for 2021.

Spawned from Development and Operations (DevOps), XOps is a reliable and secure technology stack. It incorporates other practices such as AI/MLOps, BizDevOps, and CloudOps. 

Whatever the use, XOps economizes technology by improving the deployment of data and analytics. Also, it facilitates constant adaptation and evolution. Data professionals can automate processes and workflows and customize interfaces as much as their capabilities allow.

NOC XOps technology

Failure is Not an Option

XOps is nothing without reliable creation and development.

GEM DevOps Director Rajat Narula built the customized “xOpsTools” app that GEM employs to run its Network Operations Centers (NOC). It is a practical application built with efficiency, necessity, and security. GEM’s NOCs monitor operations for Fortune 500 clients in real-time, ensuring that monumental experiences are delivered across multiple platforms worldwide.

“As a team, we find innovative methods of developing and utilizing technologies not used before,” Narula says. “We pride ourselves on being resourceful, and always find a way to accomplish our goals.”

GEM’s xOpsTools automates WiFi connectivity and guest communications. It breaks details down to each guest’s behavioral history within that enterprise. In addition, it ensures that nothing is unaccounted for that could affect the guest experience. If that happens, measures are in place to address the issue with backup systems and a NOC staffed 24/7/365.

Cloud operations economizes technology

Reliable and Secure

Security is a critical element of XOps. It begins with coding and building applications and extends across the enterprise. Networking, security, cloud operations, and development all work seamlessly to ensure a reliable system.

The roles of DevOps and IT team members continue to broaden and evolve. Training and recertification are more necessary than ever. Recruiting and job posts increasingly reflect the trend by leaning towards skills rather than job titles.

XOps Mind-blowing Experience

Ensuring the Mind-Blowing Experience

The Gartner survey stated that “the goal of XOps is to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale using DevOps best practices.” It adds “to ensure reliability, reusability, and repeatability while reducing the duplication of technology and processes and enabling automation.”

It doesn’t work for a Jeopardy answer, but XOps saves labor and increases efficiency. 

The days of guests’ patience with technical glitches, service interruptions, and system failures are over. Guest experiences are no longer simply diversions from the nine-to-five routine. They are big-budget, long-distance, mind-blowing experiences to remember. 

Network reliability is essential, and XOps puts into action all your collected data. It brings analytics to bear and profitability to fulfillment.

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