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An Experience On Which You Can Depend

Experience Thailand

Do you long for an experience on which you can depend? Maybe you like to gamble but not on your guest experience. Understandable. Whether it’s an event, dinner, or the library, whenever you make yourself a guest, there is always an element of risk.

For instance, you have a favorite restaurant. You enjoy the food, it’s consistent, and more than anything, you know they will treat you well. You can rely on the experience. This is especially important if you’re bringing guests. 

Leave the risk-taking to your private excursions.

Princess Cruises

No Surprises, Please

That’s why some people, for example, book the same hotel in the Virgin Islands every year and travel with Princess Cruises. Their profiles are on file, and the cruise line even knows their meal preferences – no unpleasant surprises.

The guest experience is one to look forward to for years to come. How much of a relief is it to know where you will stay, dine, and relax, the next time you take a trip?

Emily and Justin Plant of upstate New York go to the same Marriott hotel in Hawaii each year. They are in their early 30s but already seasoned travelers. Emily works for an event planning company and has seen bookings go wrong.

“It’s one thing for a hotel to overbook and not have your room available. It’s another when they do it for six rooms and a party of twenty,” Emily said, remembering an experience five years ago. “The two of us go to the same place every year now. Nothing is guaranteed, but when you’re five thousand miles from home and have a good experience three years in a row, why take chances?”

Maurice Setinas of Central Florida flies two or three times per month for his business. He uses American Airlines each time, though he estimates it costs more per ticket. He is a member of the Admirals Club® and uses their private lounges and conference rooms to work, provided in most large airports.

“I’m treated well each time, and if there’s a problem, I’m happy with how they approach it,” he says.

Resort Front Desk

I’ll Be Back

What often happens is that you fall in love with a town or region and cannot see enough of it in one visit, which makes having an experience on which you can depend so valuable.

Why would you come back? Because your host communicates, takes care of your needs, finds places to enjoy, and helps get you home.

How are the guests going to get to the airport? Perhaps they don’t even know. The hotel staff knows how to get there. What better way to leave a good impression on your guests than arranging their trip back to the airport?, an online hotel consultant, insists that hotels must ask the following two questions at checkout:  

  1. How was your stay?
  2. What’s one thing we can do to improve?

Your hotel might not ask, but if they care, they don’t have to. They’ve left you with an experience on which you can depend.

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