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You Are the Guest, and the Host Should Treat You Like One

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Guest: A Person Who Pays for the Services of an Establishment 

Thank you, Merriam-Webster. The luster of gifts has faded in the 21st Century, as has the thrill of the chase to find them.

Experiences still dazzle. It can be as simple as a salesperson taking the time and energy to ensure your child gets the right shoes. They cared, you realize as you walk out the door. That’s worth as much as the shoes.

How often have you been somewhere when someone caring could have turned around an unpleasant experience? There are countless options for guest experiences, but second chances are rare. Guests never forget how they are treated.

Resort guest


Shopping is fun for some, a chore for others, but in either case, you are the guest in an establishment. What establishment doesn’t want to provide a pleasant experience? That depends where you are shopping. You cannot expect the gas station or discount store to entertain, but they can be friendly and provide a clean facility. 

When that doesn’t happen, it creates a bad experience. You’ll get over it, but the operation can cross one guest off its list. The same goes for retail outlets. The quality of the experience reflects the quality of the products sold. When the store exceeds that level, you won’t forget, and the operation can add a guest to its list.

We can include parks, banks, doctors, airports, and rest areas, you name it. If they want you to have a pleasant experience, they have that option.

Shopping guest

Guest Experience Part One: The Booking

The experience commences with a web search or phone call. If you’re not treated well at this stage, take it as a sign of things to come. It should be fun and straightforward to start a rewarding relationship. 

You’re the guest, and the host should treat you like one.

A good agent for the cruise line, hotel, or event will take care of everything for your protection and theirs. Professional travel agents do this every day and are accountable throughout the trip. A third-party online booking agent disappears as soon as you log out. 

Front Desk

Plan to Be Treated Like a Guest

It is crucial to prevent any potential problems at the start, whether you’re purchasing tickets to a concert or an entire travel package to Europe. Any problem with experience means a bad review, if not an instantaneous social post for all to see.

Take the steps to ensure that they treat you like a guest. Deal directly with the host or a reliable travel agent. If you book with a third party, policies such as cancellations or rescheduling might not be honored.

With hotels, resorts, and restaurants, your experience on the phone will usually echo the experience on sight. When you call, are they aware of your reservation right away? Are they polite? Even the representative that answers at 9 pm? Can they describe the amenities?

It is not difficult to tell when you’re not wanted. On the other hand, when the host sounds like they eagerly await your arrival, stress decreases, and excitement increases. 

You choose the experience for a good reason. You are the guest, and the host should treat you like one.

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