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Gratitude and Wellness Benefit the Company Culture

Gratitude And Wellness

Mental Health Awareness Month is a challenge to open up and see how your surroundings affect your overall health. Additionally, it is vital to realize the severe challenges that others face. Fortunately, our HR team sets the tone for a culture of awareness, inclusion, inclusion, and acceptance, in addition to gratitude and wellness.

Today, our team meets for the last “Well-being Tuesday,” remotely hosted by the HR team. These have become engaging sessions to connect with teammates and learn easy techniques to reduce stress and increase comfort while taking on daily challenges.

Gratitude and Wellness

“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe” – Deepak Chopra

The importance of gratitude is not lost on the month-long observance of Mental Health Awareness. It is the focus of the final LMS Well-Being Tuesday

Expressing gratitude while reaffirming what makes each person’s life better creates better relationships and emotions. Gratefulness offers perspective and reduces feelings of depression, envy, and anxiety.

As the Manhattan Mental Health Counseling affirms, gratitude opens the doors to further benefits. Increasingly, current trends toward wanting more right away dull the appreciation for life as it is. 

Conversely, the best things in life are often already in place.

Well-being Tuesday

“A healthy attitude is contagious, but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier” – Tom Stoppard

Nourishing wellness, Mental Health America has simple recommendations for creating a healthy home environment. For starters, practice tidiness. Clutter can add to stress and lack of focus. Create comfort. That might mean the right color combinations, inspiring decorations, plants, or a different overall look.

In addition, air and water quality make a difference in your health. A comfortable bed and replenishing sleep go a long way too. Set yourself up for success. Take walks and talk to people. Listen to inspirational podcasts or videos if that works for you. There are a lot of people out there trying to help. 

Well-being Tuesday

“Culture drives great results” – Jack Welch

The benefits of a strong company culture extend to the benefits package. LMS’s insurance carrier offers ambitious plans for mental and physical wellness. Our team receives periodic offers of free memberships to the best-known brands in the fitness industry. Furthermore, free mental health programs and information are now a part of most insurance plans, providing team members with continuous reminders that help is available. 

The importance of mental and physical wellness drives positive results, including gratitude, wellness, and culture.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with our diverse team,” said LMS HR Coordinator Carlie Castro before today’s final session. “It has been a pleasure leading our wellness sessions, and I’m grateful to LMS for prioritizing our overall well-being.”

At LMS, the culture continues to support the well-being of each teammate, in addition to the remarkable daily accomplishments of each team. We are here to serve our partners. Yet, self-starters, education, training, an eye on wellness, and constant progress benefit the entire culture.