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Clouds, Virtual Worlds and Technology Trends in 2022

Technology Trends

It is hard to resist peering into the future of technology trends. New gadgets are fun but talking tech trends in 2022 means talking Internet of things (IoT), cloud, and hybrid cloud storage.

The semiconductor chip shortage played a role in 2021. Because of lockdowns, products utilizing chips became notoriously scarce. That will continue, but new technologies are here to tempt the curious minds.


Technology Trends in the Virtual World

Facebook Metaverse is the most compelling emergent technology.

Beta testing begins this year, with plans to launch in 2023. Welcome to an online virtual world incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D holographic images. Users will be able to play games, socialize and work within their virtual universe, face-to-face with each other’s avatars.

Are you concerned with your appearance at Zoom meetings now? Imagine being able to show up as Spiderman or Mark Zuckerberg?

Access is through computers, phones, tablets, game consoles, and VR sets. Apple, Google, and Microsoft are following suit with similar technologies.

One contentious aspect of the Meta world is monitoring content. Jillian York, Director of the International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says, “This space is truly shaping up to be a wild west, and we shouldn’t underestimate the genuine issues that arise when people enter realistic virtual spaces.”

She warns of threats posed by the possibility for misuse, sexual harassment, and criminal activity.

“This space is truly shaping up to be a wild west, and we shouldn’t underestimate the very real issues that arise when people enter realistic virtual spaces.”

Jillian York, Director of the International Freedom of Expression at the EEF

Ray-Ban VR Glasses

What’s the Story with Ray-Ban?

Speaking of VR, Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are on the market. Listen to music, take dual-integrated photos, videos and make phone calls. They are available in three styles, and you have an option to choose regular, progressive, or single vision lenses.

They look like sunglasses but include two cameras, speakers, and microphones. An invisible touchpad on the frame controls volume. A button near the hinge snaps photos. Editing, posting, and other features work via the Facebook View app.

Reviews are critical of the over-sensitivity of the touchpad and the bass response. Photos and video, however, are exceptional.


What is NFT?

NFT (non-fungible token) is a growing technology trend. It is a digital property with a digital ledger to prove authenticity. It can be any unique item, from a painting to a car. Purchases go through the Ethereum blockchain (cryptocurrency).

Transactions and the assets’ value are technical due to the fringe communities (cryptocurrency aficionados). However, artists who have no idea what an NFT is are opening marketplaces never available.

The founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sold his first tweet (autographed) as an NFT for $2.9 million. The most expensive NFT to date is digital artist Pak’s The Merge, which sold last month for $91.8 million. It is a market that justifies watching as transactions become mainstream.

Smart Home Controller

Is Your Home Smarter Than You?

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung have joined forces to create Matter. It is a smart home interoperability protocol that allows devices to collaborate. It may take time for older devices to upgrade to the standard, but it has arrived.

Smart Spaces are where humans interact with intelligent ecosystems. Over time, it saves money and downtime. Not just for commercial spaces anymore, this technology adapts to the home. The IoT is becoming commonplace in adjusting lights, thermostats, door locks, security devices, televisions, and appliances.

A phone or computer is the control center, and the system learns the homeowners’ habits. Adjustments happen automatically, or the homeowner receives a notification in the event of a disruption.

New Gadgets

New Gadgets in 2022

The Targus UV-C Disinfection Light will be available later this year. Showcased at CES 2022, the light eliminates germs and bacteria from your keyboard and mouse. It disinfects with a 5-minute cleaning cycle every hour. Motion sensors smartly prevent the UV-C light from shining on your hands while you type. It will retail for $299.

The LXUNYI Screen Magnifier is A 3D HD smartphone projector screen for games, movies, and videos. It is a magnifying screen that pops up in front of your smartphone and reduces eye strain for you and your child. $22 on Amazon.

The Amazon Astro household robot monitors your home when you’re away. Equipped with Alexa, it navigates your home and goes where you direct it. You receive a notification if it detects unusual noises or people in the house. What other types of information does it gather about your home? Only time will tell. $999 at Amazon.

Technology trends abound, particularly with information storage and various cloud forms. Electric cars are growing in numbers, as is the demand for charging them.

Time, resources, and a worldwide health crisis have a way of expediting technological advances as needed, and 2022 has just begun.